Omar Fidel Garcia, Coeval Estrangement

"The title of the exhibition is a term coined by the anthropologist Sophia Roosth to describe the work that geologists undertake during research expeditions to compose and interpret a fractured and dislocated time; a time that is spoken and present in the multiple layers of sediment that constitute stones.

The artwork featured in the exhibition similarly aims to compose, study, and reflect on the discontinuous temporalities present in my human experience. Embodying the attitude of my inner stone, over the last 6 months of my return to Mexico, I have engaged in material research journeys to weave and reinterpret the numerous stories found in the physical archive that shapes the exhibition. In this amalgamation of works, each piece becomes a fragment of a larger puzzle, contributing to the construction of a collective narrative that mirrors the complexity and interconnectedness of the environment."

-Omar Fidel Garcia

We could say, then, that man is an instrument the world employs to renew its own image constantly.

Italo Calvino

Omar Fidel Garcia (b. 1993) is an artist whose work engages in a profound material investigation of the symbolic and literal, blurring and collapsing boundaries between space, poetics, and the autobiographical. Cultivating thus a dialect of artistic manifestation shaped through the appropriation of objects imbued with metaphorical nature. As a self-taught artist, he meditates on sculpture and experimental installations characterized by their responsiveness to the surrounding site, while maintaining a palpable link to geographical locations, cultural affiliations, and human connections. He holds an MFA in sculpture from Yale and works between New York and Mexico.

Exhibition at Rayón 376.
Photos courtesy of the artist.