Cosa Rapozo, Lupercalia Indómita

guadalajara90210, Mexico City
19.07.2023 - 16.08.2023

In the work of Cosa Rapozo, desire and seduction converge like a subtle veil that performs as a critical statement.
Lupercalia Indómita (Indomitable Lupercalia) puts into tension the forms in which social agreements materialize against certain attitudes that by nature are untamable.

living room - dining room

I scratch my ear with my left paw,
with the claw

Jump! fleas, lice, desires
the bib is dirty but not the gloves

From my fingers hang pieces of what were once ambitions
and they fall, and they get lost in the hallways

riddles and hawthorn tea on the little table
24/7 (sleeping pills)
white tablecloth, pink lips, and, a little later, a note of escape.

my female snout and I see myself in the puddle
(dirty water)
the label on my clothes says hunter

the metals:
they weigh
they please.

laundry room

“10 animal species where females are the leaders”
I get heated
I hang the hide
(and everything is lighter)

sniff / sneeze / sniff / chew
howl / run / run / run / run
growl / growl / bite / wink / growl
(endangered species)

I rise from the puddle
and no one saw, but I carry on my forehead a blue ink note that says
don’t forget that yesterday you were a rabbit

The hunter didn’t even scratch me.

Cosa Rapozo
(Dolores Hidalgo, GTO, MX, 1987)
Lives and works in Mexico City.
All images courtesy guadalajara90210 and the artist.