Salon Acme no.11
Mexico City

Photos: Daniela Villarreal
Revelado/scan: Bengala

Sites and Sol Oosel initiate a temporary place, where they carry out a series of performative and musical acts. The conversations between Sites and Sol oscillate between spiritual syncretisms, Hertzian space, atmospheric attunements, invisible architecture, animism, the human experience and our relationship with the unknowable. The audio surrounds those present through a quadraphonic sound system, delimiting the electromagnetic sphere within which their auras coexist.

SITES (Monterrey, 1994) Sites seeks to generate 'electroclimates' through sound, installation, and performance. Immersed in technological spiritual syncretism, her projects operate as atmospheres inhabiting hertzian space: the invisible and timeless architecture where electromagnetic waves, human experience, and auras coexist. Through her nomadic and animistic practice, she initiates temporary environments of contemplation. Sites has produced work between Monterrey, N.L., Mexico City, Chiapas, and Los Angeles over the last 10 years. She has presented her work in venues such as Anahuacalli Museum; Mexico City, Kurimanzutto; Mexico City, MARCO Museum; Monterrey, N.L., Mercedes Benz Fashion Week; Mexico City, PEANA's Project Room; Monterrey, N.L., Torre de los Vientos; Mexico City, 323; Monterrey, N.L., City Museum; Querétaro, MX among others. She has participated in poetry readings in Mexico City and Los Angeles. Currently, she is working on two new releases that will be available on streaming platforms, along with her existing catalog.

SOL OOSEL (Monterrey, 1977) His artistic experience advances along two clear paths: that of contemporary art and that of sound art. On the sound side, he has explored the dynamics of sound working with installations, concrete music, sound art, improvisational ensembles between musicians and “non-musicians”, and a plethora of musical bands. Inspired by the cinematic arts (ESCAC 2004), Sol's work in contemporary art seeks to reveal stories and spark conversations.In search of belief systems yet to be imagined; Sol questions the limits of identity and the “I”. Considering our relationship with the unknowable, animism, the holotropic sense, spiritual syncretisms, atmospheric attunements, and our constant collaboration with everything. His projects feature painting, sculpture, sound work, film work and performance.