Issue 01

Issue 01 invites us to traverse its pages much like a physical exhibition, where the words beckon us to go deeper into the images as each artist presents a different way of understanding.
The magazine is set in two volumes—separating the text from the images and prompting the reader to explore as desired. The magazine surveys seven practices through extended photographic essays bridging work from different moments supported by written contributions.

This issue was launched on the occasion of the Index Art Book Fair in Mexico City.

Ana Navas
Chavis Marmol
Jorge Satorre
Nicolás Lamas
Rodrigo Hernández
Tomás Díaz Cedeño
Wendy Cabrera Rubio

Alejandro Alonso Díaz
Bruno Enciso
Christian Camacho
Fabiola Talavera
Fernanda Brenner

Editor & Creative Director
Olga Borda

2 volume A5 book, 172 pages. Exposed sewn binding and saddle stitched bound booklet

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